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Squirrel girl gets some hard loving from Wolverine

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What do Squirrel Girl and Wolverine share? Well, for starters, their mutant animalistic nature, and they also share Wolverine’s cock! Seems like the old grouch has finally caved in and decided to treat a few of the sexy X-Men babes with a good pussy pounding action, and he’s got quite the tool to do that [...]

The Chosen One bangs the brains out of his student

Posted on April 10, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

Ahsoka Tano is learning all kinds of things from Anakin, he’s a good master and doesn’t let his blue eyed apprentice with a slim figure and small tits go through life without getting all the experiences she needs, and that includes her hardcore sex training, after all, she needs to know how to satisfy a [...]

Flexible Disney beauty Chel is up for some loving

Posted on March 25, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

If there is a Disney girl with an amazing set of tits that was drawn to be slutty even in the original cartoon, it’s Chel! The dark skinned daughter of a Native American king is letting us see everything as she strips down, popping those fine cartoon tits out and tweaking them before her hands [...]

Two dicks for Ahsoka Tano

Posted on March 10, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano is letting her master teach her all kinds of things, from handling her blades and handling herself in dangerous situations to how to use her lips to satisfy a man. This time her master watches as Snips sits back and has two regular sized cocks pointed her way, they’re hers to [...]

Harry Potter and hawt friends

Posted on February 25, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

Harry Potter and his friends have to study hard in order to become successful wizards but that does not mean they have to forget about sex. Harry Potter believes that sex helps him to become better. Thanks to his skills Harry Potter can seduce any angel this chap meets. Sure, the kinky lad does that [...]

Rugrats Hot Toons

Posted on February 10, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

Rugrats claim that not each one one person can cope with their hunger for orgasms and that only they can serve one another and they even show it off. When it comes to satisfying their sex hunger, those nasty Rugrats do not know any limits. They simply please their burning holes to the full.

Clock and Candle getting hard lustful sex

Posted on January 25, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

In this homo comics sexy archive you can see a most unlikely couple in sexy xxx action. Do you remember the clock and the chandelier from the Beauty and the Beast? Turns out that they’re not just chief servants of the place, they’re also chief homos and they are all over every single other in [...]

Overweight peter craves for bulky dongs

Posted on January 10, 2014 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

Family Man Peter Griffin has found a brand new hobby this guy just can not share with his consort. This guy found he is actually an all out penis muncher who just can not get enough of homo toon satisfaction, his anus and esophagus are loving it and he is not going to give that [...]

Lois is a top class penis sucking cartoon wench

Posted on December 25, 2013 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

We can not be talking about famous cartoon sex without giving a honorable mention to Lois, a Family Stud consort with a deep fauces that can handle knobs that most hotties would be scared of. Peter has got quite a pecker in his panties, and he is more than willing to put it to nice [...]

Griffin husband and consort are excited

Posted on December 10, 2013 - Filed Under Adult Toons | Leave a Comment

If you were wondering just how is Peter’s and Lois marriage working out, this famous drawn sex gallery just might help you out. Turns out that they get along really precious since they both have one hobby in everyday – hardcore drawn sex. Each joint of their home is precious for having sex at, and [...]

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